Mark W. Bidwell

California real property transfers

June, 2018

California Probate Quick Over View

In California a set of laws determine how a decedent’s assets are transferred and how a decedent’s debts are paid. This set of laws is referred to as the “Probate Code.” Courts that enforce the probate code are referred to as probate courts. This blog post by Mark W. Bidwell, a licensed attorney in California, […]

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Successor Trustee’s Duty and Personal Liability to Keep Beneficiaries of a Trust

After Settlor’s death the successor trustee has the duty to keep heirs of the the trust reasonably informed of the trust and its administration. This duty is met with notice and account. The first notice is mandatory under California law and is referred to as “notification by trustee.” Notification by the successor trustee must be […]

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Options for the Post Death Transfer of California Real Property

Post death transfer of real property is by either planning ahead or letting the laws of California take their course. Examples of planning are; trusts, joint ownership, life time transfers and transfer on death deeds. No planning relies on the laws of intestacy and probate administration. Intestacy law identifies who is the next of kin. […]

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