I write these articles to reach out directly to the internet community. There is no better way to communicate who I am and my values. Readers need information on trusts, wills and probate to make informed decisions.

These articles are to assist you to make informed decisions.

General Characteristics of a Corporation

Trade Marks and Service Marks

California’s Default Plan to Identify Heirs

Probate Administration from Beginning to End

Post Death Transfer of Assets

California’s Default Plan for Incapacity (Conservatorship)

Tax Savings for Parent to Child Real Property Trust Transfers

Retirement Accounts, Required Minimum Distributions and Trusts

Revocable Trusts

Successor Trustee Duties

Funding A Trust

Unaccredited Law Schools

Pros and Cons of Lifetime Gifts V. Death Transfers of Real Property

Disposition of Remains in California

How a Surviving Co-Owner Avoids Probate of Real Property in California

How to Take Title to California Real Estate at Time of Purchase

Three Tiers of California Property


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